Refund Policy

At DigitaleMantra, we have a unique refund policy, so you have to get a better idea about the same. The policy is as follows:

We at DigitaleMantra do not provide you with any cash-based refund in case you plan to cancel any project above. If there is any project that you have paid for, and the project value has not mounted to the same, then the same amount will be adjusted with the bill value of another project.

In this case, the amount will not be handed over to you in cash or reimbursed to you. Instead, it will be adjusted with the bill value of another project or service you take from us.

The refund policy, in this case, is important, and hence it is not subjected to change under any circumstances. The compensation we can provide is to work with you for any upcoming projects and then settle the amount of money decided on.

DigitaleMantra is a company that has taken up the onus to keep the terms and conditions very clear to make it easier for the clients.